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.Somewhere Over Lemuria

Oh, yes, Smyle is in here too.

About me? Are we gonna talk about me? I was born some quite time ago, in Madrid, the sun was shinning and my mother... Nevermind. I don't know where you've been, so let's forget and just begin. I have enough love to deliver ...for all over the world, but there's space for: The life, the music, the knowledge, the boring evenings under the sun that end up becoming in a box of memories, the crazy nights forthcoming of calm mornings. The coffee in the middle of the insomnia. The silence of the dark, and the revolution of the light. The hidden sounds of the songs, the freedom of the melody, the dreams awaiting for the reality, and the reality born from the dream.
The wind pushing to walk the path. The feeling of having feelings.
The colours, and the black and white mode. The
peace. The life. But, no doubt, if we're here dealing with myself, let's first deal with the rock.
hippie rocker lifestyle, life, music, to learn, to love, to see, to smell, to smoke, to taste, to touch